407505_524227473468_715077750_nABOUT THIS BLOG: I love art. I went to art school. But I don’t know everything about art history. There’s a lot to remember. I also love to eavesdrop on what other people say when they look at art. Especially the know-it-alls because they sound pretty pretentious, which I love. I laugh when I think about how people would react if they overhead what I had to say because what’s bumping around in my brain is a lot like that game where you look at an image and say the first word that comes to mind. So don’t ask me to explain what we’re looking at… I had no idea what that huge piece of industrial felt cut through and drooping, a sad, impressive wall hanging meant (turns out it’s a Robert Morris piece). Instead I offer Is there a gift shop? Where’s the cafe?, a repository for stream of consciousness art criticism and poetic exhibition reviews. And amusing articles and pictures about art, art criticism and curating. Because I say what comes to mind, but maybe it goes deeper (if I’m lucky). Header image by Richard Perry, NYT. ABOUT THE TITLE: My mom is an artist and she dragged us (me and my brother) to more museums than I can count. We hated it when we were younger so she would bribe us with a snack at the cafe first and a tour around the gift shop when we were finished. Of course now I love hitting museums and gallery openings, but I remember my days as a reluctant but budding art enthusiast and laugh thinking about my clever mom. ABOUT ME: Art, design, fashion, photography… enthusiast. Imaginative, resourceful, problem-solver, source for random trivia, speed reader, firm believer in all things denim, shoe collector, poet, aspiring milliner. I like to write and take pictures, tell stories and communicate vision. I’m better at communicating other peoples’ visions, so I’m available for creative direction, and business consulting and concierge services. I love art, I know business. Based in Los Angeles.


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